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: with two weeks of school underway, this ninth grade science class is demonstrating how and why easton technical high school is one of five schools in maryland to receive the 2010/2011 national blue ribbon designation. and the school is abuzz. >> it's a tremendous amount of pride. i can't believe our students and teachers are full of pride. we have students who want to be here, are very focused on academics. they know that high school is an important stepping stone to get to where they really want to be in life. >> easton technical high school has won numerous awards over the past decade but to be the first high school to achieve the national blue ribbon of excellence, that's quite an honor. it's an impressive resume. 100% of the class of 2010 met their career standards. 96% of daily attendance for the school and the student body. >> being a student here, there's something to fulfill. >> it's an honor we, out of a lot of schools got the honor getting the blue ribbon. i'm proud of easton tech and i'm proud i'm a student here. >> reporter: with the year just getting started easton tech h
into this hour. it's 87 degrees in baltimore. we've jumped up as the sun game out. 90 in easton and we'll show you ail in westminster and 78 degrees along the water in annapolis. as we head into the afternoon, for us, the record is 95 degrees. we think we'll be close, but not quite there. we'll keep you updated through that as we head into the evening hours. tomorrow, the cold front is coming our way and we'll have the forecast, coming up, don. >>> in sports, the ravens are getting ready for the familiar opponent, the browns are coming to town and the ravins are preparing to face their back upquarterback. their line backer signed his contract now. the second round draft pick suffered a head injury. and you can watch here, or, like you, if you're watching on tv, you can see the ravens and the browns in the home opener as we kick off sunday at 1:00 here on wjz-13. >>> and still to come on wjz- 13's eyewitness news at noon. utterly offensive. >> and an error in judgment and two men picked the wrong liquor store to rob. and we'll take another live look outside. stick around, the complete forecast
to the west of easton. that is indicating a possible tornado races off to the north. we have a tornado warning for these counties until 9:45 and it will take a while to get the energy out of here. here in washington, no concerns with tornadoes or any severe weather. this is across the bay over the next 45 minutes or so. >> thanks, tucker. >> i'll give you an update in a minute. >> looking forward to it. >>> and a follow up on a story you saw it last week. plant employees behaving bad. and now action is being taken. what chrysler is doing. >>> and speaking of cars, holly is out learning how to be her own mechanic. >> reporter: good morning, allison. i'm live at do it yourself this morning in material, virginia. this is the place to bring your four wheels and get under the cars and the frames. do i stop this at some point? i'm doing it under great direction. but this is a place to work on your own car in a great space and you have a huge event this weekend that you might want to come back for. stay with us. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it.
than two mile and a quarter mile in easton for our friends in the eastern shore and denton fog, as well. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-50s north and west. low 80s here in town and 64 in southern maryland. bill in new last depend 82. -- newland, 62. high today of 83. it is 4 will be 30. -- 4:30. people maybe groggy staying up late watching football. 95 northbound looking good from dumfries to the mixing bowl. 395 right now nice and quiet. all lanes are wide open northbound and southbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge will where you have to watch for a traffic pattern and you should be fine. let's go out to inbound new york avenue in dc for folks heading to work a little early this morning. everything is in good shape. same on route 4, route 5 and the crane highway. and same story in maryland, outer loop is looking good from 95 to georgia. let's send it back tonnage. >> thank you. >>> right now fairfax county police are searching for the person responsible for a late- night murder in springfield. police arrived at a home in the 8800 lock of field master drive. they found
on the eastern shore in easton. still a beautiful afternoon there. they started at 59 in easton. 58 in baltimore. and low 50s outside the beltway and up north towards york, pennsylvania. most of us dealing with a quiet scene. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar and five sweeps through the chesapeake showing up a quiet uneventful start to the day. 50s, go to the 2-degree guaranteed high of 80 and sunny this afternoon. >>> kim brown has traffic >> two words to describe traffic. all good. we don't have problems on the roads so far and no delays as well. as we look at the drive times. on 795, you won't encounter problems between route 140 and franklin boulevard. it's 10 minutes, a little less as you make your way towards the beltway. as we look at the overall picture of the area, traffic is looking good, no problems to report so far. >>> linda so is in the field and has been following the latest on one of the top stories. >> it all comes down to this. who will be the city's next top prosecutor? i'm linda so. both candidates are fighting to the end as voters head to the polls later this morni
from ocean city. 73 in easton, cooler 62 in york, pennsylvania, where basically we'll have little to no impact from this particular storm. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we're all dry this morning. our hour by hour forecast takes us to 88 by lunch time. sunny to partly cloudy skies, two-degree guaranteed high around 4:00 p.m. at 92. more on hurricane earl and the labor day weekend forecast coming up, right now, here's kim brown with traffic. >> we're very quiet so far this morning, not a whole lot going on on the roadways, always good news as you head out the door and make your commute. as we look at our drive times on 795, you're not going to encounter delays on the southbound side and the beltway. it'll take about nine minutes to make the entire stretch. still would being that one crash in the city, you'll see police on the scene. no problems on the jfx around the beltway or up and down 95 as you make your way towards the tunnels. linda sow is in fells point. she has an update on the coming storms. >> hurricane earl is on its way. how the storm could af
shading, tropical storm force winds, perhaps easton, cambridge through salisbury. could clip marthas vineyard and cape cod, this is the timeframe between sunrise tomorrow and lunch time. we'll feel the worst effects of ocean city. that's the weaker side of the storm. stronger side on the right side, that's out in the open waters. forecast model indicating the outer rain bands tonight across the carolinas and outer banks. just beginning to clip ocean city. this is around sunrise. watch the eye pass itself offshore. should still be about 150 miles to the east of ocean city. 40 to 60 mile-per-hour winds. maybe higher gusts, definitely going to see a surge of a few feet and minor flooding. nice weather for us towards the weekend. temperatures today, because of the wind off the water, 83 off ocean city. 85 in bethany. tropical storm warning through the delaware beaches. 92 rock hall. 92 in dundalk. 89 in annapolis. wind picks up off the chesapeake. there's a coastal flood advisory up the bay itself. not for any weather conditions, it'll be about easton, cambridge and southeast with any re
over to fredericksburg. easton to cambridge it is starting to pick up. you will have to watch for the afternoon here. and some of the rain is actually already heavy in southern maryland. we'll go up to return county and annapolis. you have some showers, which are about to move in to you. shady side to north beach you have wet weather. southern portions county and lighter rain. in st. mary's county, leonardtown, st. mary's city across the river toward new land, reedville. jan is four tenth of an inch this morning. really coming down. and this is lifting off to the north. temperatures will hold where they are in the 60s to around 70. it is 66 in fredericksburg. orange is 62. and look, where it is raining in cambridge 63. easton 68 but you will likely see a few degrees chopped off once the rain moves in. light showers at national, 68. dew point in the 50s. that's coming up and the winds from the east will be coming up as well as the storm system is actually part of a complex system. nicole down here. all of this moisture is streaming to the north and it will redevelop in to an ex
to 83. this morning, what a great morning. had 50s on the eastern shore at easton and cambridge. had 50 from manassas. we get down to 62. look at this winchester to martinsburg in the mid-40s and cumberland 44. little taste of fall. 82 frederick, 79 leesburg, 79 andrews. petersburg in the 40s are up to 79. couple of 81s in easton. and fredericksburg is 82. so a beautiful day going on here thanks to the dry air. dew points haven't changed all day. so we have a nice dry air mass in place and humidity at 48%. nationally we need rain. we have it up north. nothing coming toward us. big storm spinning here. showers and storms. some will be strong to severe, iowa to wisconsin and minneapolis. then in the gulf of mexico, look at this on the radar spinning around. that's a new tropical storm. that's hermine. last night it got classified as td number ten. they said it is a storm and has the winds and you can see the colder cloud tops near the center. good news, it is close to the coast. if this had more time it is a great upper-level environment but it will go on shore and it will kill hermine. b
this ninth grade science class is demonstrating how and why easton technical high school is one of five schools in maryland to receive the 2010/2011 national blue ribbon designation. the school is abuzz. >> it's a tremendous amount of pride. i believe our students and teachers are full of pride. we have students who want to be here and are very focused on academics. they know that high school is an important stepping stone to get to where they really want to be in life. >> reporter: easton technical high school has won numerous awards in the past decade but to be the first high school to achieve the national blue ribbon of excellence, that is an honor. 100% of the class of 2010 met their career standards, 90% of daily attendance for the school and the student body? >> being a student here, it's an honor that we, out of a lot of schools got the honor getting the blue ribbon. i'm proud of easton tech and that i'm a student here. >> reporter: with the school year just getting started easton tech high is gearing up for the next challenge. having all of its students strive for more excellen
in easton and 74 at pax river and d.c.. st. mary's county checking in around 72 degrees and 69 in elkton and 64 in cumberland where the winds are coming from the west. the heavier winds are around the metro and heading down on the shore towards easton. the light winds everywhere else for the most part and we have an 8 miles per hour wind in washington county. here's what we're dealing with. we had a front coming through yesterday evening. earl was moving away. and earl's spin and the rotation is moving into the canadian maritime in nova scotia 2 miles east of nantucket. it's moving well up into canada and the high pressure is building in and the front that came through that's continuing to push earl into the north east cleared out the moisture we had around. and earl, a tropical storm with the winds that we had as with the 5:00 update. it's moving to the north east at 30 miles per hour. it's really booking and it's moving up quickly. it will be out of the area soon. we'll have about one more tropical storm and one more update from the national hurricane center at about 11:00. that will d
and this afternoon lower 80s in many areas. 76 annapolis. cooler by the bay. 79 from easton. some areas out west could get close to 85. how are things looking this monday? >> thank you. the monday morning is nice and quiet. roads in maryland right now starting off at clopper road and 119. people leaving the house getting to work in the morning head lights are on. move to bethesda area. west east highway, nice and quiet. smooth sailing to work in that area as well and we will fly over 50 past bowie to the beltway. actually pw parkway heading south. right now no problems 95 looking good. 0 t. back with more news, weather and traffic after the break. stay close. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring
mile. this area we have to watch and also watching easton to denton, too. looking at the day at a glance, mostly cloudy at 9:00, upper 60s. we will burn off the fog and low clouds. 77 at noon. 81 at 5:00 and then the clouds we have this morning giving us the temperature in the 80s. 50s out west. the momslikeme.com bus stop forecast, clouds with patchy fog west. 50s and 60s. you might even need a little sweat jacket or something out to culpeper or the shenandoah valley. sun is up at 6:48 here in washington. this afternoon, becoming partly toes many ms. and low 80s. if we get the clouds our early we will be closer to 85. low clouds could hang a little bit. west winds five to 15. tonight, partly cloudy and cool. 58 to 64. 7:20 on the sunset. we have 50s in gaithersburg. 58 baltimore. and 60 in columbia and arlington. springfield 61. ft. belvoir 60. sterling and reston and manassas upper 50s and manassas, the fog is thickening up. mostly cloudy at national with dew point in the upper 50s and light winds. another front is coming out there. we have to get rid of that "h. " we will
in easton and 85 in d.c.. now, as we head into the afternoon, we're going closer to 90 degrees and tomorrow, take a look at that. potential record breaking heat in parts of the area. we'll have the forecast coming up in a little bit here >>> bern, thank you. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake is on charles street to announce the kick off of the book festival. it's one of the top literary events. it attracts top publishers and writers. and the festival is tomorrow through sunday. in 2009, it generated 4 1/2 million dollars for the city >>> and not only is the book festival this weekend, but it's also the raven's home opener and ha baa is bash -- harbaugh is confident in flacco. the ravens are still 1-1 on said season. and everyone will be bringing their a game out this weekend as the browns come to town. you can watch the home opener here on wjz-13, sunday afternoon at 1:00. >>> hope we can do it. >> still to come on wjz-13 at noon. why a fleeing suspect ends up asking police for a helping hand. >> and a friend request. how the creator of facebook is helping out thousands of students in newa
come in a thunderstorm or two. we are comfortable at 74 downtown. 72 at the state line. 75 in easton. will probably hit a high of 80. in the mountains, it will be cooler, with a high of 73 degrees. plenty of sunshine around. it looks like 80 here. head over to the chesapeake bay and we will see a high of about 81 degrees. all in all, a picture-perfect day. partly cloudy tonight. 56 in our suburbs. 66 downtown up with the water. we have high pressure really dominating. it will take the area of low pressure by tomorrow night and push this off. it will give us the chance of storms. how does that break down? it looks like by 7:00, the rain will go to the north. we might see one or two showers overnight. will be high and dry by friday. we have had a difficult time getting moisture out of this. it is rein in the topics. we have igo that is likely to hit bermuda. we also have julia. that is also a category four, right behind igor. we're also watching tropical storm carl make land fall. fortunately, nothing is expected to effect the u.s. mainland. a 30% chance of showers and storms thursday.
places like easton and centreville. right now this is doppler raidair indicate, not confirmed on ground but generally looking at st. michaels about now, looks like copperville and talbot in the next five minutes and heading to grasonville. looks like it's skipping along the bay itself at 9:35. centreville by 9:45. we're watching maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we do have a tornado warning for the eastern shore including caroline, talbot, queen anne's county and going into about 9:45, if we get any confirmation or more information we'll pass it to you but now's the time. if you live in those locations, turn the tv up. we'll pass along the coverage to you and try to head into an interior location or into the basement of your home. we'll be back with more in a bit. >> thank you. >>> when it comes to battling breast cancer many people start the fight after hearing that they have it. so coming up, we have tips on how you can help lower your risk of breast cancer and help fight it before it's a possible diagnosis. plus, also, when its comes to fighting breast cancer it starts with nut
eastern shore, 64 in easton. >>> we have the breeze and sun this morning, jumping to 75 by lunchtime, and by 4:00 p.m. 78 degrees. >> traffic is off to a good start on the major roadways. as you are continuing south to the beltway, traffic is moving well through there. there is an 11 minute ride from the beltway to the fort mchenry toll plaza. >>> as you are looking at your cameras, you are going to see the traffic building slightly here. we have one crash to let you know about in glen burnie. >> jamie, back to you. >> 6:00. >> i cannot imagine how tough it will be this morning and the rest of the weekend. a freshman was hit and killed by a car while trying to cross a road in bel air. >> joey was hit when trying to cross the street with two friends. the 14 year old high school football player, joey did ent tremont. the lights prohibited him from walking in the crosswalk, and the 19 year old driver had no time to stop when he hit and killed joey. >> he was a sweet and funny kid. he played piano and was in -- band, and was an amazing singer. >> it's 6:02 right now, we hav
easton and cambridge. -- 91 at frederick. the center of the storm is a couple hundred miles off the coast. the heavy wind and rain will stay out over the atlantic. later tonight and they get brushed with hurricane force winds up that way, but you can see the change for us. the cold front help to push earl away from us and will bring us nice weekend weather. there is a chance that israel will develop as the cold front goes through. both areas will stay dry. the front has some showers associated with it, but what is there will likely fall apart crossing the mountains. behind it, the winds shift to the northwest. a shot of cold, fall air comes in with it. temperatures dropped to 47 degrees late this afternoon in the upper peninsula of michigan. cincinnati is 78. maybe a sprinkle late tonight as the front goes by, and then the skies clear. tomorrow will be a windy day. strong, high-pressure come the end and the skies will be clearing up. 15-30 miles an hour during the afternoon tomorrow. the sunshine and clear skies will remain. it really is a fantastic labor day weekend forecast. tomorrow, w
. 73 downtown, 72 out at the airport and 73 over in easton. in annapolis, much cooler. they will top out at 68 degrees. plenty of sunshine. that is the constant state wide. maybe a few clouds this afternoon from the north. in the lower eastern shore, a nice day as well with a high of 78 later on this afternoon. a little bit breezy with the northwest winds. small craft advisory, tend not to 15 knots with gusts potentially up to 25 knots -- 10 knots. tonight, downright chilly, 50 in the outlying suburbs. tonight it looks like we are much cooler than normal. high pressure continues to dominate. that is keeping us dry. the next big weather player, it is a front that will get through on sunday and it might generate showers. the last time we saw rain was a trace amount. igor, not a lot going on. it has not really gained strength. moving generally to the northwest. it is way off the coast of africa. 77, a great day to wrap up the work week on friday. saturday looks like 80 degrees with the sun and clouds. sunday, about 40% chance of showers or maybe a storm. middle of next week and beginnin
river and ocean city. 57 in easton. 61 columbia, rock hall and annapolis and kent island. the high pressure runs our weather and it will be a beautiful, beautiful five-day forecast and no problems at all. and that adds more significance to the rain we had saturday and sunday morning and then, the gray, damp day we had yesterday. otherwise, there's no rain in the forecast. 81-degrees is the high and it will be gorgeous and dry 58 is the low and tomorrow, 89 degrees and sunny and pleasant. that cool, damp day may have staved off a lot of problems. friday, sunny and 82 and friday, saturday, and 80 degrees. we have a category storm out there and it's an inch away from becoming katrina. the moving will slow i. look, by friday and saturday, way in the center of the ocean and a lot of variables coming into play that will keep igor out to see. we have to watch this one closely. on his hind quarter is julia. it's expected to be a category 1 and it will be in the center of the ocean. i want to point this out to you. it's this area of disturbed area here. the national hurricane center this mo
and winds are calm. ocean city at 61 and 61 hagerstown and 59 elkton and easton. mid-60s pax river and naval air and d.c.. and westminster at 59 and 57 columbia and bel air. 61 degrees in rock hall. clear skies and a few passing fair weather clouds and no showers in the forecast. really, for the next five days. if we have rain, it will be moving our way. sunny, a high of 80 degrees and tonight, clouds around and 52 as the low and tomorrow, mixed clouds and sun and we'll go for a high around 80 degrees. the mid-to upper 70s thursday and friday. low to mid-80s saturday and sunday. igor is a category 4 and the computer makes it a northerly swing. it's projecting it to diminish by a category 2 sunday. right now, the most mediate is the swell from the east coast. still expected to stay in the center of the country. and still your crossty -- curiosity, not a concern. >>> well, thank you, don. we have some delays to watch out for on the mark train. it's still running 20 minutes behind. we'll take a look at the map there and moving well in both directions. 67 miles per hour average as you can see th
they are redirecting commute hour traffic near the church on el camino real and easton drive. six police officers are guiding traffic to go one way on balboa, cortez and cabrillo avenues between hillside an easton at 7:00 p.m. >> what makes it challenging is it's all primarily a residential neighborhood and we want to be aspectful as possible to the people attending the service but also as minimally impacting as possible on the residents that live in the area. >> reporter: to alleviate traffic, shuttles are take mourners between the church and the high school in millbrae. on campus william was enrolled in the culinary arts program. some students are wearing red ribbons in his memory and challenging other schools to join them in raising money for the san bruno fire victims. there are so many people here, there's an overflow crowd outside the church. the memorial is expected to end at about 6:00 tonight. and then afterward a reception a couple of minutes away at mills high school. juliette? >> heartbreaking. all right, sharon chin, thank you. >>> tonight there are new clues into the cause of the sa
birthday. like crystal pierce from easton turning 24 day. crystal have a wonderful birthday. >> if you're having a birthday, just e-mail us right now at morning show at wmar.com and include a date of birth, your name and a whole bunch of stuff. we'll let everybody know about it here. >> we love the tidbits. jamie likes to fish, he's turning 70 this year. let us know, give us all the details. >>> speaking of details. time now for a featured events when we tell you what's happening in the community frlt i got an e-mail that baby loves dis co, you ever heard of this? >> no. >> they are going to be at the columbia mall and it's a fun dance class for preschoolers, parents who want to get a break from the playground and do something september. it will be saturday september 11 from 1 until 4 in the afternoon. if you want more information, go to the mall's website or the phone number on your screen. >>> the great tim kefr sent this in about the tour detalbot, coming up on saturday morning are, it's a 20, 65 or 100 mile bike ride and starts right there at easton high school. probably where crys
're looking at temperatures ranging from 65 in baltimore, 63 in easton. warm, 71 in ocean city. go the other way, they have more clearing overnight. step back in york, pennsylvania to 53. hour by hour forecast shows us partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day. high of 84. small chance of showers popping up. we'll talk more about the better chance of storms tonight and tomorrow in just a bit. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> it is beginning to slow down on 95 southbound through the white marsh boulevard area and then it's almost stop and go as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza. for the most part, incident free this morning. traffic looks good as you make your way around, except for the volume. we'll get a check of your drive times and see what it's looking like on the harrisburg expressway in a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> it is now 6:44. early voting, day of, and now absentee ballots. quite a process to find out who won an election, isn't it? linda sow says the race for the state's attorneys office in the city may not be decided for a while. >> jamie, it
. highs around 80 today. 81 for frederick. 82 for easton. a clear scenario, that front did not spark any rain in the state. and so there will still continue to be this enhanced fire threat out there but this boundary will continue to push further and further south. cooler air works its way in tonight but the highs the next few days will whoever around 80 so you won't notice that. tropics staying awfully active. hurricane julia pushing category 2. hurricane igor 155 mile per hour sustained winds. hurricane igor which is now nearly a category 5, 1356 miles per hour. we get to to -- 156 miles an hour. it's tracking towards bermuda towards sunday monday. an interesting developing weather situation off the coast of the east coast of the u.s.. heading towards ocean city. back tonight, 54, few clouds, nice and cool. tomorrow we're talking about 79 or so for a high temp. partly sunny skies, another fantastic day of september weather, and let's get you right into your seven-day forecast. here's how it shapes up into the next couple of days: our best chance for rain with another weather system com
pleasant out there, really is. 66 here, 50 out in oakland. pretty cool out there. 66 in easton. the dewpoint came way down, much drier than it was yesterday. it's down to 54. as far as winds go they've shifted for the to west. that's only for a short time because down to our south it's loading up already. you can see the rain off the east coast this morning, but there's actually kind of a low pressure off the coast of georgia and yet a tropical depression we've been talking about is still south of cuba. that is going to merge with low pressure off the carolina coast to one area of low pressure. we're going to have a tropical disturbance that may become a tropical storm briefly before it becomes absorbed in this weather system and it's going to move in our general direction on wednesday night and thursday. a lot of rain expected with this particular system. we're talking any where, two to four inches of rain can fall in our region wednesday night into thursday afternoon. likely there'll be flooding across some of the area. it's exactly, it's exact storm track is going to be righ
bwi. 82 in easton, 78 from dover, just a pleasant pleasant labor day out there. great evening, fire up the grille, looking good for us, humidity very comfortable, very low. humidity 26% out in hagerstown. some of these western counties, well down into the 40s this morning, so it was a cool start to the day here across much of the state. not quite as cool here in baltimore and down through the eastern shore. clear skies, now, not much out there. a couple of clouds out there rolling in, western pennsylvania, that's about it. for the most part we're talking about some pleasant and very, very clear weather. tonight should be a little miler, a bit of a south breeze begin to kick in today, if you take a close look at this over all picture jet stream bottled up to the north right now, keeping the showers and unsettled weather north of maryland. then we've got a couple of storms down here off the carolina coast but nothing tropical. weather pattern, warm southerly breeds beginning to kick in thanks to a big high offshore. dry mild weather next couple of days, another cool front mid- week but n
and 61 in baltimore. to 57 with fog over there in easton on the eastern shore. we're clear and we're quiet on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five complete sweeps across the chesapeake and maryland, no rain today but early fog and clouds giving way to clearing. this afternoon's 2-degree guaranteed high of 82 with sunshine. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> we don't have any incidents or problems so far around the beltway. 695 is actually checking in without problems. as we look at the cameras, here we are on the beltway at harford road, you see traffic is starting to build particularly on the outer loop lanes to the lefthand side of the screen but just minor delays at this time. as we look at the maps mostly a handful of road hazards to let you know about. debris reported 97 southbound at dorsey road. in catonsville the eastbound lanes of route 40 at new wood drive. the right lane and right turning lane continue to be blocked because of a down tree and towson, experiencing watermain issues because of a ruptured watermain on york road, that is between overbrook road an
any rain as of now. it will get more active as we head into the weekend. the temperature into easton is 55 degrees right now. we're looking at that humidity at 76%. the sustained winds are calm as of now. we have a gust up to 8 miles per hour. all of this will be picking up, the sustained winds as we go throughout the afternoon and morning time frame. the 12-hour forecast waking you up this morning is still on the cool side around 63 degrees. by this afternoon, we'll be at 73, nice and windy outside but not as breezy as yesterday. by 4:00, the temperature coming in at 76 degrees. evening once again will drop into the 60s. we'll have a nice, cool night. as you head out and about, grab that jacket. so kim, how's the forecast for the traffic on this friday? >> for the most past so far so good on the 95 corridor and the 83s. right there at owings mills boulevard. the co-truck has arrived on the scene so perhaps that should be cleared within the hour. this will be i-70 west of the beltway. you see traffic is moving nicely both eastbound and westbound as you approach the beltway and head t
we had in ocean city easton and salisbury picking up some rain those areas clearing out nicely now as the core of the storm weakens and moves further north. wind gusts still to 27 though down at the beach. our abc 2 storm tracker finding that and the rest of the weekend at the beach we're talking about improving weather, sunshine coming back out. but again surf could be 4, maybe even 6 feet again tomorrow down at the beach. great for surfers but have you have to be careful when you're trying to swim in that stuff. much other more on this and latest on the last round under for earl up the northeast coast coming up kelly. >>> thanks a lot wyatt. forecasters say earl could be a either a weak hurricane or just a tropical storm when he finally reaches new england, but earl was still packing quite a punch earlier this morning when the hurricane lashed the north carolina coast. we're looking at video right now from kill delve hills in north carolina earlier today. earl is still expected to round cape cod nantucket and martha's vineyard with high winds and bands of heavy rains. you can co
chill. should reach 82 in easton. we'll slip back into the 50s joacht under a clear sky. we cool off quickly. 54 by daybreak and we should bounce back to 78 into the afternoon. follow the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we will have an extended outlook in a few minutes. right now kim brown has a look at the traffic. >>> good morning. traffic looking really good so far this morning. i'm guessing a lot of people are going to sleep in because they stayed up late watching the game. we don't have accidents. as you look at one of the usual slow spots on the west side of the beltway at liberty road, really not so slow. just speeds down slightly because of volume but very minor delays as you make your way through the outer loop stretch this morning on the west side. as we look at the drive times, we're looking pretty good there as well. no problems up and down the harrisburg expressway, it's going to, six minutes between shawan and the beltway. on the very top side between 83 and the jfx no problems there. and on the jfx only four minutes southbound between the beltway and no
you also wake up with clouds and fog, 81 grasonville and 82 easton. the extended outlook calling for temperatures staying near seasonal the next few days but lows mid to upper 80s. 79 tuesday, 78 wednesday. back to showers evening thursday, could carry into the first half of friday. and we'll be watching what the monster hurricane igor is doing off the coast. we're aiming for upper 70s to near 80. right now it's time for "tech bytes" in new york. >>> in "tech bytes" -- more powerful wi-fi could soon be here. the fcc plans to vote on rules lert this month that will open airwaves to broadband. the signal would travel miles to penetrate walls and deliver internet speeds as fast as a cable modem. it could begin showing up in gadgets a year from now. >>> researchers made a breakthrough in developing so-called artificial skin. it can be used to create robots. eventually the researchers hope the -- it's capable of helping people with prosthetic limbs. >>> old mcdonald is a book that teaches kids. kids can touch and explore interactive illustrations and more. the app costs $1.99.
70s on the eastern shore from easton to ocean city. we've got weather stations in ocean city. we've got live cameras and we'll show you the conditions including live coverage on the beaches beginning tomorrow. today our hour by hour forecast shows sunny to partly cloudy skies, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 95. let's check on the roads and get the traffic update with kim brown. >> good morning. traffic is starting to build around the area, starting to slow in
s out there. and 94 out in yagers town. this is hot. the heat index right now as we speak in easton it feels like 102 with the humidity. second day of fall. let's zoom out a little bit. clear skies across the state. we'll keep that into the weekend. maybe an isolated shower or hit or miss shower late saturday evening and sunday evening. must of the chance for rain will not be there. this frontal though it will pack cooler winds will not generate much rain for us it is generating a little rain. high pressure sitting off the coast generating that warm southerly wind flow that has pushed temperatures into the upper levels. tomorrow passing clouds. you will notice the breezes pick up behind the front that comes through tomorrow. and a little breezy into the day on sunday. that will drop us from 80s tomorrow to low 70s on sunday. there will be a chance for hit or miss showers sunday into late. tropical satellite still good. sitting there are 50 miles an hour sustained winds. i think the moisture gets into the gulf. believe it or not the remanence of the storm could bring us rain toward t
downtown. 66 at the airport. 70 over around easton and st. michael. it will become sunny. you could see some clouds. there is a slight chance for some rain. much cooler than yesterday. in baltimore yesterday, we saw a high of 86 degrees at the airport. 83 today. the wind will be a factor. we could see gusts around 25 miles per hour. it will be a pleasant 84 degrees down around ocean city today. nw winds around the bay and the waves will only be about two feet. the normal low is 66 degrees. the record low is 44. tonight, pretty great if you have any outdoor plants. 55 in the outlying areas. 62 downtown. the front is near the chesapeake bay. low pressure will direct it along. it is a contrast between the high and low that will give us that blustery wind flow. hurricane igor is not a category 3 storm with 125 mile per hour sustained winds. it will likely make landfall some time at bermuda. juliet is not expected to affect the u.s. -- julia is not expected to affect the u.s. mainland. 78 on monday. 78 and summit on tuesday. we are dry through at least tuesday. >> federal express is making a
. the barometer rising. 61 in easton. 55degrees at the beach, only 50 now in oakland. it's going to be down to 41 by morning. around the baltimore metro, some areas away from the town will probably get down to 48, 49 by tomorrow morning. so a chilly night. dewpoint still, just a warm spot down by the water. so it's a big change. very light winds now. the only breeze down to our south. that will die down later on. that will also help to get the temperature up. now a chance of rain will come our direction. it's being pushed off to the east, we won't see much from it at all. maybe some clouds. this is our hope for saturday night into sunday. clouds will probably be on the increase late in the day on saturday. it'll be a few degrees warmer than tomorrow. probably only in the mid-70s tomorrow. slight chances, a little bit of rain saturday night and sunday. once that front gets through the area. it'll clear out again on sunday afternoon into monday and early next week. northwest winds in the bay. may gust to 20 knots, may still have a as a matter of fact craft advisory out there. tonight clear conditio
% right now. that stifling and the moisture level dew points up around 70, even 75 over here in easton. to so a, tremendous amount of moisture in the air. that can help fuel the showers and storms. as we look to the south, again, already seeing some light-to-moderate rain moving up into calvert county, southern maryland, that is on its way up into the baltimore area. we're getting a break now. make that run to the store because as we go into the next few hours we expect more heavy rain to trudge in out of the south. you can see the culprittings giant area of low pressure stalled out over western north carolina. just surging the moisture, showers and storms right into maryland here. so we're going to keep that going. the forecast model keeps the rain around tonight, this is 7:00 tomorrow morning, may still be a wet commute. finally the showers clear out by tomorrow afternoon. so that flood watch expires mid-morning tomorrow and and into wednesday a dry start but looks like more rain may come from the south wednesday night into thursday morning. overnight, 69. rain with a flood watch. so
. 84 expected in easton. better chance of scattered showers or a rumble of thunder overnight. our extended outlook does hold for really nice temperatures. 79 tomorrow and the sun comes back over the weekend. we're 80 on saturday. 83 on sunday. low to mid-50s to near 60. we'll hang onto the mild stuff through early next week. at this point, fall rolling in, but it doesn't uh, look like it's going to feel like it. temperatures between 80, 85, tuesday and wednesday. let's see what it looks like on the roads and get the traffic update with kim brown. >> good morning, now is a really good time to get a jump on the morning rush. it's not a lot of traffic out there and no incidents or accidents to hold you up. that's really good news for your thursday morning ride. as we look at our cameras, here we are on the beltway, everything is moving at speed. not a whole lot of volume out there. traffic looks good around both loops and both sides of the beltway this morning. coming down 795, not going to have any problems. five-minute trip between route 140, down to owings mills boulevard. starts
. we have lower 80s around the bay. easton, cambridge and annapolis at 82. tappahannock, inland, 88 along with fredericksburg. 84 leesburg. gaithersburg 82 and here in washington a really nice warm 83 degrees. a little breeze out of the south at 13 and relative humidity is down to 51%. and with the dryness we have had going on, if you do any open burning there's no red flag warnings but keep that in mind. i want to take you to texas. this is tropical storm hermine. had a tornado watch issued with that. look at how quickly this thing is moving. look at the showers and storms with it. another low through the northern and western lakes. that has given some chilly temperatures to parts of the up but around here this line, that is a cold front that we are watching moving south and east. that will give us nice weather for thursday and friday. we will pit the future cast in motion and you can see the front by tonight. 1:00 getting to pittsburgh and buffalo and cincinnati. tomorrow that front gets here by noon. only an isolated shower. basically south and southeast a better chance the front
. charlottesville, coming in around 51. 57 easton, along the eastern shore there, baltimore around 64. low temperatures. let's send it back to the desk, good morning, megan. >>> the blow out preventer that triggered the massive gulf oil spill has finally been raised to the surface. andrew suspensepencer tells us what went wrong causing the worth oil spill in u.s. history. >> reporter: the beginning of hopefully the end. the suspect blow out preventer from the deep water horizon rig has been brought to the surface, taken by the u.s. department of justice. claimed 11 lives and dumped massive amounts of oil into the gulf of mexico. it would join other evidence experts are looking at to determine the cause of the april 20th explosion. >> ultimately be taken to a point somewhere on land and put together with the other debris and pieces recovered from the rig itself. >> reporter: the hydrates or crystals that formed on the device in the deep water. they melted and formed a gas. >> we're talking all the precautions necessary so the gas is contained and held and let off properly. >> reporter: bp s
. as we look at the numbers now, the heat index numbers as we speak still feeling close to 100 in easton. still feeling like mid 90s out there for us. the winds have been steady out there. out of the south. bringing up that warm humid air. that will continue tomorrow but we will begin to see the winds shift a little bit as the cool shift way out here in ohio. it will take awhile to get in here. we think by midday this front crosses the area. we still warm up across the sunshine. but as we go into the night tomorrow, things will begin to cool off behind this cool front. it will push the hot weather pattern out to the east and allow that cooler weather to flow in. much cooler air arriving behind that. you can see we keep the rain just about nonexistent. we can see an isolated shower. but probably not. as that boundary pushes farther out to sea behind it more cooler air rolls in. showers develop late sunday evening. i think the most will be dry. cooler each day and breezy each day as well. both saturday and sunday. let's take you down to the tropics. tropical storm matthew. still in the hea
. tappahannock, cooler by the bay. water temperatures helping you out big time. easton 88 degrees. tonight in the 60s to low 70s about where we are thissen mooing. things won change until friday night, saturday. in the tropics, not a problem but this may develop in though matthew in the next day or two. this is haiti, dominican republic, south america, central america over to the yucatan in the next couple of days. we will watch that. the seven-day forecast, got the heat. near record heat for today and tomorrow. saturday 83. should be okay for any evens going on. sunday 76 and could be a couple of showers and cooler weather monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's 4:49. good morning, angie. >> hello, everybody. yeah, creeping closer to the 5:00 hour and right now still dealing with same old problems out in silver spring. 185 southbound at viers mill road. that's where we have debris in the roadway taking away the right lane for drivers. stick with our maps and move you up to 95 and the bw parkway. looks like going southbound we have lingering construction. this should be clearing in the next 1
birthday. who is the lucky one here on this september morn? crystal lives in beautiful easton. she turns 24 today. happy birthday, crystal! >> hope it's a good one, crystal. if you're celebrating a birthday, just like crystal, we would love to say happy birthday to you here on the air on "good morning maryland." send us an e-mail with a picture, give us the details so we can wish them happy birthday. just send everything to morning show at wmar.com. >> oprah winfrey, sir paul mccartney and merle haggard all will be on the list of the kennedy center honorees this year, recipients recognized for contributions to our culture. the ceremony will be held december 5th in washington, d.c. >> you're excited about this. betty white, actress, author, and now super hero. that's right. the 88-year-old who just won an emmy for hosting saturday night live is about to get her own comic book character. female force betty white, a 32- page book will be available in stores in november. i can see her in a cape now. >> i can too. >> i like it. >> okay. hey, burger king, you're a big fan of burger king, hoping t
. 74 at the airport, 77 in easton. looks like we're headed for a high in baltimore in the low 80's which is above normal again. mid 60's, slight chance for lingering rain out in the mountains throughout the afternoon. other than that for us, beautiful sunny skies, 83 degrees. yesterday we were 86 degrees and very humid. today, it's a dryer 83 with those brisk northwest winds. no problems if you want to take the boat out and get a head start on the chesapeake. the waves there only be one to two feet. 78 and 58 for your normals so we're generally in that range. couple degrees above the normal high. 56 is our average low, tonight and our suburbs will be between 55 and 58 degrees. but downtown as the typical in the low 60's. but mostly clear skies, great for friday night football and great for anything if you have plans outdoors. high pressure is going to build, going to hold steady throughout the weekend. another little front may get through here late sunday but going to be a dry front. with that said, we won't see any major prescription, probably no precipitation. but where it is act
and easton may get a shower out of this. north an west of this -- i don't think this will get much more -- it might get up to mechanicsville or parts of eastern and southern charles county but for the most part i think the problem is a coastal problem. let's go to the weather computer and talk about the track of earl. earl by the way, a category two. winds yesterday were 145. now they are only 10 a. gusting to 125. the pressure has gone up and the organization has gone down and that's a good thing. we will watch earl as it moves up the coast. by noon passing ocean city, a little further away so the winds won be as strong as ocean city as cape hatteras. tonight, look at this. weakening, winds 90 miles an hour at 8:00 but it will go close to martha's vineyard and cape cod. they have to deal with gusts of hurricane force as well and we watch the storm as it heads to southwestern nova scotia there. there could be flooding in the bay of bundy. the water will be pushed northward in to the bay. it has no place to go. remember what isabelle did in the chesapeake, could be similar situation ther
not cooled off much jet yet. another hour or two and the numbers will drop sharply. still 90 from easton to baltimore through york, pennsylvania. our humidity comfortably low. that is the nice part of web you get -- when you get the september warmups. typically humidity is not a big player. it's a dry heat out there. tomorrow humidity up a little. we're back in the upper 80s but one thing you'll notice is plenty of sunshine again. even with the passage of this next weather system it doesn't look like it will hole much strength. the air out ahead of this next boundary, you can see sparking showers across ohio back through southern indinand down into missouri, that same boundary is likely to just bring us some windy conditions, some partly cloudy skies tomorrow and probably not much rain which is too bad because we could use it. certainly the last 15 days or so have been dry across maryland. in fact red flag fire watch up through the day tomorrow. windy and dry. don't do any outdoor burning. warm air flows from the south courtesy of eye -- high pressure offshore. we'll have a significant
to baltimore. and easton at 79, down toward the pax river naval air station, 87. and culpeper still warm at 84 degrees this evening. right into the 9 future cast. here is the south winds that pick up on tuesday. again, it might bring a touch of humidity back into the forecast. you'll notice the temperatures near 90 in many cases. wednesday here is the front coming through. our 9 future cast shows by 8:00 maybe a sprinkle to a shower. i think it's as late as mid morning. 10:00 or 11:00. but the cold front will pass through and we get some strong winds and that lusher in the cooler, drier air as we head into the weekend. you'll see it in the seven-day forecast. might hit 90 degrees in a couple of places. college park, maryland. don't think that's out of the question. even down toward arlington on the virginia side. even falls church area. 87 wednesday as i think cooler air with the front passing through in the morning, there are the mild temperatures into the weekend. lows into the 50s in many cases too. outer suburbs will be into the 40s. saturday maybe a chance of rain into the outlook. i'm ke
into baltimore right now, easton coming in at 55 and 55 into dover, philly around 61 degrees. still a cool side into oakland and also into charlottesville. >>> 6:31. you have midterm elections coming up and the president is well aware that the economy is struggling. so he's promising to do something. abc2 news emily schmitt reports on that, something on this labor day. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery. with unemployment hovering around 9.6%. >> jobs are being created, just not as fast as they need to. >> reporter: the administration confirms this week mr. obama will call to extend an expand research tax credits which allows businesses to write off development costs. and he may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> i think that could be effective and helpful in the next six to 12 months when the recovery needs it. i think that'd be a boost to the economy. >> the administration says this isn't a stimulus package. republicans say it's a sign of applying flailing. >> we always right back to see death bed conversions, if we'd have done this kind of thing a couple years ago, we'd be
tousles purrry. op the west side of the bay not close enough. closer to annapolis gusting to 20. to easton 30-mile an hour busts but it is really going to be a coastal storm an with the waves and winds beach erosion as well but it will race quickly out of here. there it goes. nine future cast tracking the storm feting close the eye is off shore here. this is tomorrow morning. there is hatteras where the outer bands an heavy rains. and this will race out of here as the front comes through. the weekend looks real nice. here's the seven-day forecast, mid-90s today. 90 tomorrow with hazy skies and high clouds and sunday 80. labor day 88. gorgeous and hot next week. tuesday and wednesday in the 90s. >>> hope you are off to a great start. 11 minutes from the 5:00 hour. we still have lingering police activity from yesterday's breaking news affecting our drivers this morning out in silver spring. wayne avenue is closed between colesville road and georgia on georgia take note, you will be losing a listen on the right. 95, we have construction at 216 to tell you about. should be wrapping up in the n
. it appears as if this wind field, tropical storm force winds, that's the yellow shading here. maybe easton, denton, cambridge, salisbury, hurricane force winds here. strongest side on the east side. nothing impacting us in baltimore, except for the waves being pushed off the chesapeake through this system. out towards nova scotia towards the weekend. clipping the carolinas this evening. clipping ocean city tomorrow morning. essentially what we'll be looking at are conditions that are dry, hot and 92 degrees in baltimore. tomorrow, cooler, 88. let's get to the extended forecast. behind the storm, we have a great labor day weekend, highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. >> traffic is excellent, if you want to get a jump on your morning commute, now is the time to do it. minor delays, no accidents right now. here's the beltway on the top side, approaching the harrisburg expressway. exit to get on the harrisburg expressway, traffic is moving great in both directions. drive times and maps, no real issues, so far so good. five to six minutes southbound, 95 between white marsh boulevard and the bel
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